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Our new CD, "Sidetracks", is finished!!!!


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"Just Desserts"
Just Desserts at The Little Bear in Evergreen
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Is it Bluegrass? Folk? Americana? Country? Acoustic? We don't know, but "Just Desserts" has smoking tight harmonies that are sweeter than apple pie and stickier than a hot fudge sundae!!! Have "Just Desserts" at your next event and your guests will be begging for more sweet justice!!

"Just Desserts" is:

Stop dawdling!!! We can't play for you until you Contact Us!!!! ...And we really want to play for you! ...We're checking our email right now!

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What People Are Saying...

"Sidetracks is one of those projects that treads the fine line between folk and bluegrass. It has huge appeal for fans of either genre. The harmonies are tight and natural, and the playing is easy on the ears. There's a lot to like about this CD. Get it! You won't be sorry."

Dan Joseph
Blueridge Express
Waterloo, Ontario

"Some of my regulars came to check you out and they loved you guys. They want to come back for more Just Desserts. Friday, the 23rd will work for us and thanks so much!" ... "And they LOVED you guys. I know I already told you that, but I had to reiterate because they went on and on! :)"

Alesa Wittlief
Cannon Mine Coffee
Lafayette, Colorado